What we do

What we do: Goals, Achievements and Objectives

To address the problems that people with disabilities face in Mbeya, Able Child Initiatives has created the following eleven goals.

  • Problem(s) addressed: 4 & 6
  • Achievements: The members of Able Child Initiatives (ACI) are well known in the area where it operates. They make sure to stay updated and get informed about children with disabilities (CWD) that do not attend school. An important event in assisting CWD to go to school and which also increase the awareness of ACI was the Let Us Go To School campaign. In Tanzania, every street has an official representative and for three months, twelve members talked to the representatives of this area. This resulted in the registration of more than 122 CWD.
  • Objective: ACI is pursuing this goal by staying informed, by continuing with campaigns and by starting systematic advertisements through the use of posters and social media.
  • Problem(s) addressed: 4, 6 & 7
  • Achievements: In 2018, ACI has trained 23 caretakers of children with disabilities on how to support their children. ACI informs and keeps an informal relationship with many parents. When a child stops attending school regularly, ACI checks on the parents.
  • Objectives: To be able to teach the parents of all the children and to stay in contact with all the parents regularly.
  • Problem(s) addressed: 7
  • Achievements: ACI has informed many children with disabilities and their parents about the specific disabilities and how to enact upon them.
  • Objectives: ACI’s goal is to provide access and assessments for all children with disabilities, including those who live in the outskirts or outside Mbeya. Additionally, this includes training for at least one person in various locations.
  • Problem(s) Addressed: 4, 5 & 6
  • Achievements: ACI has contributed to this goal by creating the unit for CWD in Ilemi Primary School.
  • Objective: To make sure that children with disabilities, such as those with a mild intellectual disability, can pursue regular education. Additionally, to reinforce the accessibility of units for children who needs special education in regular school.
  • Problem(s) Addressed: 11
  • Achievements: No substantial achievements have been reached. Only, members of ACI visit once I a while.
  • Objective:  For ACI To create a group of people who will regularly visit, assist and teach people with severe ad profound disabilities.
  • Problem(s) Addressed: 4, 5 6 & 10
  • 1200 people have been sensitized in supporting people /children with disabilities and vulnerable (orphans) in three wards Iyunga, Ilemi, and Uyole
  • Achievements: In the wards Iyuga, Ilemi ad Uyole, ACI is very well known. The Let Us Go To School Campaign was fundamental to this.
  • Objective: To open up or to increase the size of the debate around disabilities. To inform more people about disabilities and ACI and also to encourage people to talk about disabilities with relatives.
  • Problem(s) Addressed: 8 & 9
  • Achievements: At Ilemi Primary School, food is provided every day for CWD. This motivates the children but the parents as well.
  • Objective: To have classrooms with open windows, doors, benches, chairs, light, ceiling, painted walls, cupboards and special toilets.
  • Problem(s) Addressed: 1
  • Achievements: No achievements have been made on this goal.
  • Objective: To make an arrangement which allows CWD to use public transport, tuktuks, for a low price.
  • Problem(s) Addressed: 10
  • Achievements: ACI has supported Damas Mwambenja to study shoemaking in Dar es Salaam. Now has jobs from time to time as a shoemaker. However, soon when the shoemaking project will start, people with disabilities will be trained by him and will be working at a stall on the Mwajelwa market.
  • Objective: ACI has planned to create a shoemaking project in which people with disabilities, mainly graduates, how to make shoes. Every six months, Damas will train around five students. After graduation they will make and sell shoes on the Mwanjelwa Market, the biggest market of Mbeya. This is the projects for which we are currently doing the fundraising.
  • Problem(s) Addressed: 4, 5 & 6
  • Achievements: ACI has been created and engages with the society.
  • Objective: ACI wants more active engagement with the society, for instance by organising events. Also it wants people with disabilities to be active members in this mobilisation.
  • Problem(s) Addressed: 12
  • Achievements: A group of 25 unemployed mothers have been identified who are highly motivated to work if given the opportunity.
  • Objective: ACI wants to teach the mothers how to cultivate agricultural products and how to keep highly effective animals such as chickens. Also, we want to educate them in pottery. For these projects, little money is required. Subsequently, when more money is available, we want to educate the mothers in tailoring and carpentry.
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