Able Child Initiatives needs volunteers!

For Able Child Initiatives (ACI) to reach its goals, ACI recognises the importance of volunteers and donors and the impact and more importantly, the change that volunteers and donors can induce. There are many ways that you can help! We welcome creative solutions, inputs, and ideas to work towards ACI’s goals. Below is a list of examples of the many ways you can volunteer to help ACI. We welcome all backgrounds and talents.

Would you like to help at Mbeya or would you like to volunteer from home?

For how long would you like to volunteer and for how many hours?

Examples of volunteering activities (both whilst visiting ACI and from home):Why you should come to Mbeya to volunteer at ACI:
– Establish a collaboration with ACI (for instance for schools or businesses)
– Teaching (for instance English or carpentry)
– Making photographs
– Executing interviews
– Improving social media performance
– Assist in networking
– Help writing letters
– Organise fundraising activities
– Assist in financial management
– You are always welcome for any period
– You will live and experience the Tanzanian way of life
– You will be accommodated and provided with food without charge at a host family (Elias’ family, see pictures below)
– You can discuss your jobs and working hours with Elias
– You can take days off and go on trips (for instance a safari)
– You can be taught Swahili, the most spoken language in Africa and Tanzanian cooking skills.
– Elias and others are very willing to take you on trips

Robin’s experience:

“I came into contact with Elias and ACI through workaway. Contact with Elias was fast and easy. I stayed from the end of december until the end of January. I taught children with disabilities how to count in Tanzanian sign language. Most importantly, I made sure that they were having a good time at school to ensure they didn’t have to think about their challenges of disability and poverty. Also, I became aware of the importance of a website for awareness and fundraising. Back in the Netherlands, my mother and I created this website.

I really enjoyed my stay at Mbeya. I did some daytrips together with Elias and on myself. As well, to make me feel at home, I took a gym-membership. My new family was very warm-hearted. Elias and Happy are understanding and very friendly. We had a lot of fun spending our time. Their four children are super cute! I also enjoyed Mbeya a lot. The people were very nice and the atmosphere was tranquil. Hopefully I visit again one day.

Please contact me per WhatsApp (+31629475153) or per email (robinvanseumeren@hotmail.nl) if you have questions.”

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